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Testing Services

At Celcom, we help global banks solve complex business by provide testing services. Our in-house certified testing team assists our banking customers with delivering the best-in-class services. Celcom's domain-specific technology services help banking leaders address their most pressing challenges through comprehensive competencies across all the core banking channels.

Core Banking

Retail and Corporate Banking

Islamic Banking

Payments and Cards

Channel Banking & Digital Banking

After the evolution of the Banking Industry, there are a lot of products that has simplified the Banking experience like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, IVR services, Mobile Applications & ATM services. Post this the new evolution which is getting more trust from Digital Banking are Non-Banking players who integrate with their Banking partners like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay & Apple Pay, etc. The primary reason for this shift to Digital Banking is the millennials, who like doing their banking transactions online as this is a high-speed and convenient banking mode.

Implementation of TCOE

We set up the best framework for the client by creating the Gap Analysis report on understanding the current process followed by the Banks and and the best tools and technologies that can be adapted. At Celcom, we take control of the testing and centralizing the process across the Banks. While, TCOE ensures that the testing protocols, toolsets, and KPIs are maintained at a centralized level, it enables quick deployment of any tester to any team.