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Chennai Office Inauguration

We started operations in the Chennai office in July, 2022 and had a grand inauguration in the Chennai office. There were close to 180+ people who attended the event and made it such a grand celebration. The chief guest for the event was the Honorable Shri. T.J. Govindarajan, MLA of Gummidipoondi Constituency DMK District Secretary – Thiruvallur East, Chairman, TJS Group of Institutions and Guest of Honor Honorable Shri. Maha Guruji Raja Kubera Siddhar Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam, Kanchipuram, Dr. V. P. Ramamurthi, Chairman - Dhana Lakshmi College of Engineering for their presence on the event. We are so thrilled to resume office in Chennai and look forward for many more events in our new office.

Team Outing in Bangalore

We conducted a team outing for all our employees in May, 2022. It was attended by more than 50+ employees worldwide. See below a snippet from that fun evening!

We gathered for another team outing with the Celcom leadership team and our employees in Bangalore in January, 2023. It was a fun-filled event.

Independence Day Celebration at Chennai Office

We celebrated the spirit of freedom with the Celcom team at our Chennai office as India completed 75 years of Independence. It was a fun-filled celebration indeed!

Christmas Celebration at Chennai Office

We had an amazing Christmas day celebration, filled with laughter and joy. Check out the pictures here

Musical Chair Competition at Chennai office

Team building games are always so fun and great. We had a fun-filled Musical Chair competition for all our employees in Chennai! It was a gleeful engaging activity where everybody participated and had a wonderful time. So, here’s to a great team that loves to bond together!

Wheelchair Competition

One of Celcom’s employees, Balachandar Subramanian has won doubles in Wheelchair Tennis Championship. We are extremely proud of his accomplishment and want to congratulate him on behalf of all of us at Celcom.

Book Club Series

The Book Club series was a virtual event for all of our employees who love reading. In this event, we discussed various book genres, our favorite authors, childhood memories in the library, a remarkable character we are obsessed with and much more.

Toastmaster Club Series

At Celcom, we organized the Toastmaster Club Series to enhance the orating skills of our employees so that they could become confident speakers and develop their communication skills.