Solution Briefs


Telecommunications industry has been growing tremendously making way for newer technologies, innovations, speed and reach. The growth of Telecoms has become part of our lives, where the reach has expanded to residential, enterprises, Government and several other sectors. We have seen the speeds reaching Gigabits through FTTH-GPON and now even on mobile broadband through the newer 5G coming into the market. Telecoms has been backbone for industries including M2M, IOT and lately Smart cities utilizing it to offer innovative services to customers. Celcom Solutions has been catering to service providers in the areas of Transforming ICT services in both Wireline and Wireless arena. Celcom Solutions brings unique experience of OSS BSS & Smart Cities. Most of us know, the term Greenfield denotes 'starting on a clean slate', i.e. without any prior constraints with regards to networks, business processes and Information Technology (IT)/system estate. Celcom Solutions has performed a greenfield implementation in Middle East to power Smart City to offer OSS BSS for ICT and Utility services which includes implementing convergent platform to offer both ICT & Utility services on single platform. In recent years, there has been interests from several countries to offer Smart Cities and India is now embarking 100 of them. Lately the convergence has gone beyond telecom and the new need is to have a single invoice for all services – ICT & Utilities, which demands for Convergent Platform for rating, billing and invoicing. Celcom Solutions can play a vital role to offer its state of art – one stop solutions from IT front. This document briefs about our capabilities and offerings.

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City connects human capital, social capital and ICT infrastructure to address public issues, achieve a sustainable development and increase the quality of life of its citizens.
Typical offerings in a Smart City include the following:

  • Water & Chilled Water
  • Piped Gas
  • Electricity
    Communication Services:
  • Voice, IPTV, Broadband for residential
  • Voice, Broadband & IP VPN for Enterprises
  • Wi-Fi

Celcom’s Greenfield implementation included the following:
  • Customer Relationship management & Self Care Portals
  • Convergent Platform for Billing & Revenue Management (ICT & Utilities)
  • Mediation
  • Inventory & Asset Management System
  • ERP & Work force management
  • Provisioning/ Activation System
  • Middleware for Orchestrations
  • Network Integrity
Reference – High Level Architecture (Celcom Solution’s Greenfield Smart City Solution Architecture): Architecture diagram missing
Customer Management:
  • Caters to following customer segments
    • Consumer
    • Corporate, Government, Enterprise
    • Wholesale
  • Account Hierarchies
    • Multi-level
    • Paying and Non-Paying
  • Flexible Charge Sponsorship rules
    • Service based eg. charge only ICT services
    • Usage based e.g. Only rental
    • Partial sponsorship e.g. Up to $150 of usage
  • On-demand Bill Generation
  • Pre-built integration with Mediation systems
    • ICT usage collection
    • Utilities Digital Metering System
  • Error Validation
    • File level – Duplication, invalid, out of sequence etc
    • Usage Record level – Duplicate, invalid etc
  • Alerts & Reports
Following is an example of Account hierarchy and sponsorship: AcctHeirarachy diagram missing
Convergent Charging/ Rating & Discounting:
  • Single platform to rate ICT and Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water, ..)
  • Common Area charging for Utilities
    • Charging based on Occupied area – floor area (e.g. Sq. ft)
      • Sharing of common meter charges based on percentage of area occupied
      • Charge per sq. ft / sq. meter of occupied area
    • Changes to area in the middle of month
      • Customers adding additional space
      • Customers vacating partial space
      • New Occupants
  • Varied Charging
    • Threshold Charging – Charging based on cumulative usage
    • Tiered Charging
  • Volume Discounting
  • Real-time Balance View
Revenue Management:
  • Corporate level bulk payment distribution
    • Service based
    • Oldest to Latest invoice
    • Highest to Lowest due
  • Service based dunning rules
  • Revenue Reporting
    • Earned, Un-earned, Billed, Unbilled etc
Billing & Invoicing:
  • Next Bill prediction – based on historic data
  • Bill Smoothing & Prevention of Bill Shock
  • Multi-language invoice support
  • Detailed and summarized invoice
    • ICT detailed / summarized invoice
    • Utilities wise detailed/ summarized
Business Benefits and Platform Advantages: Advantages diagram missing