Employees Speak

What our employees think about us
John Doe

-Sangappa Bellanki

Senior Technical Consultant

“Within a span of 20 months the company has marked its foot prints and well established in the IT market. Partners like Oracle, MIT, Dell have lot of confidence on the company’s resources. Company has huge potentials with young and experienced brains. The talented top management’s guidance, views, dynamic HR and technical activities are keep nourishing each individual all the time Long way to go !”

Josh Clark

Ubaid Laskar

Technical Manager

“What attracted me to Celcom Solutions was the opportunity to participate and help shape a growth story. As an organization, I take great pride in our Nimbleness & Customer Focus. At the same time, with our expertise, we can only Dream Big for our business! The Desire & Passion of business leaders for the organization’s growth, and the Close-knit Employee Bonds is what I see every day. These are the two things that make me very confident about Celcom Solution’s ability to scale newer peaks ahead.”

Prasad R

-Prasad R

Senior Technical Manager

“I had joined Celcom among the first set of people around 2 years back. It is a great place which provides an excellent work-life balance. I have been exposed to various roles and faced exciting new challenges. Each employee is treated as a valued member and consistently educated and given opportunities to participate in several initiatives. The employees’ contributions are duly recognized and rewarded.”

Nix Maxwell

-Kunal Bharadwaj

Senior Consultant

“What attracts me towards Celcom Solutions is Company's Work Culture, Vision and Values. Celcom Solutions care about their employee and helping them shaping their career. Management is reachable and responsive for every issue. This is the company where my work is getting recognition and respect along with growth. I feel proud to be part of Celcom's Family.”

Nix Maxwell

-Amit Savadkar

Associate Software Engineer, SSG

“It is a very good experience working with Celcom Solutions. I joined Celcom Solutions as a Fresher. I have been working in this company from past one year, Celcom Solutions provided a good platform to learn new technologies. Flexible Working Hours and Employee Friendly Policies are the best part of the company”